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LiftBridge CXO and Decimal Expand Options for Entrepreneurs

INDIANAPOLIS, NOVEMBER 12, 2020 – LiftBridge CXO, a provider of on-demand CFO services, is excited to announce a new collaboration with Decimal, a tech-enabled service firm helping businesses streamline and outsource bookkeeping, payroll, expense reporting and other back office functions.

“Decimal is a natural extension of our services," Kathy Kinder, LiftBridge CXO managing director said. “Our firm was formed to give smaller companies the same advantages as larger ones, namely a CFO who develops the financial road map and keeps the company on course, freeing the founder to focus on customers, products and building her team. The very first step is to make sure the basic books and records are sound – Decimal does that efficiently and very cost effectively.”

“What has impressed me the most about the Decimal team is their people,” Kay Whitaker, LiftBridge CXO managing director said. “Recently we converted a client to Decimal’s platform. It was seamless from the client’s perspective, and this from my view is rare. After everything was in place, the Decimal team made it a point to have weekly update meetings. With these calls, it is easy to resolve the little questions before they become deal breaking issues. As a former client of bookkeeping services, I can say this level of communication is not the norm. A big part of what LiftBridge CXO does is craft and share our client’s financial story so their employees, investors and customers understand and can anticipate results. Building that story on financial information and with people we trust is essential. Decimal delivers that.”

“With the results we have seen, we are not surprised that Decimal has tripled its revenue in the last six months. It sounds just like our growth story which suggests there was a gap in the local on-demand CFO and back office services market,” Ashley Vukovits, LiftBridge CXO managing director said.

Matt Tait, Decimal CEO, echoed this sentiment, “The Indiana market has a genuine need for an accounting operations company that provides a great client experience. Being a tech entrepreneur myself, I know from my own experience that having the right processes and clean financials is an absolute necessity. Partnering with LiftBridge CXO makes perfect sense. Decimal is designed to handle the day-to-day work that every business has to do: bookkeeping, bill pay, invoicing, payroll, and more. LiftBridge provides the strategic direction for growth. Fast growing companies need partners who have experience running and scaling businesses. No one in Indianapolis has the depth and breadth of experience.”

Vukovits credits relationships with local venture capital firms, angel investors, bankers and CPA firms for LiftBridge CXO’s growth saying, “They have a higher level of confidence in companies that have their financial house in order and are quickly seeing how the combination of LiftBridge CXO and Decimal accelerates a company’s success.”

“Our collaboration works both ways,” Kinder said. “Often, we propose to our clients that Decimal get the basics in place, so we have a clear financial picture of the company. And Decimal is in a unique position to know when LiftBridge CXO can provide the greatest value.”

“The whole point is to deliver what clients need at the level they need it, to make finance efficient and effective,” Whitaker said.

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About Decimal

Decimal is an accounting operations company built for small businesses. We work with business owners and entrepreneurs around the country to streamline and outsource their bookkeeping, bill pay, payroll, invoicing, financial reporting, and much more. Our combination of technology, process, and people lets us focus on delivering an exceptional experience for the businesses we work well as clean financial statements. As one of our clients put it:

“The whole Decimal team has made an incredible impact on our business operations. They were instrumental in recommending and transitioning us to new software platforms that have helped us scale rapidly. Their consultative approach to this move — understanding our business, building new best practices, auditing existing processes, etc — made this partnership a resounding success. The entire team is accessible, engaging and always works with our best interests front-of-mind. Our rapid growth can be tied back in large part to aligning with Decimal.”

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About LiftBridge CXO

At LiftBridge CXO, we provide a range of on-demand financial, human resources, and other operational services to lift growing tech companies to the next level, bridging the gap between where they are now and where they want to go, all at a lower cost. Our passion is helping early stage and growth technology companies move easily and dependably to the next level. Companies working with LiftBridge CXO benefit from the senior level experience with no long-term commitment. They enjoy rapid results and face less risk of costly missteps. For more information,

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