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Meet Our Associates

As Managing Directors and CFOs, we offer our network of experienced associates to assure you have the breadth of resources to move forward. The depth of expertise in accounting, data analytics, product development, project management, human resources, marketing and supporting technology is tailored to your needs.

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Elizabeth Bennett
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  • GAAP Accounting

  • Public Company (SEC) Reporting

  • Financial statements

  • SEC form filings

  • Budgeting and analysis

  • Benefits and Compensation

Bri_Headshot 2 Black & White Cropped.jpg
Bri Koopmans
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  • Financial modeling & forecasting 

  • SAAS Revenue Recognition 

  • Software Implementations 

  • QuickBooks Accounting 

  • Cap Table Management  

Maureen Sanner
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  • B2B marketing consulting

  • Marketing strategy

  • Brand management

  • Lead generation

  • Multi-channel marketing programs

  • Sales & marketing alignment
  • Event project management

Cheryl Craig
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  • Initial accounting setup

  • Quick Books accounting

  • Financial accounting

  • Financial reporting

  • Tax compliance

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