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Board of Directors/Advisors

Our managing directors are qualified financial experts as defined by the SEC, serving public and private boards as Director, Advisor or CFO.  When considering additions to your Board, it is important to find someone who is a great fit, understands where you are going and has the skills and intensity to get you there.

Working primarily with growth companies in the tech sector, our managing directors believe good governance is a critical part of building investor trust.  We bring our 50+ years of experience with public, private and nonprofit boards to assure the structure exists to avoid a host of issues if governance is unclear or contradictory. 

Often tasked with managing the capital strategy, we understand effective stock compensation plans and how they fit into an overall compensation structure that attracts and retains talent.  We have also crafted succession plans as part of successful exits.


As CFOs we often participate in audit and risk committees. We have developed and attested to the financial statements and underlying systems of internal controls.  All the managing directors have strong relationships with major and regional audit firms which allows us to identify and explore accounting and reporting issues for rapid resolution.  In several cases, we have established the audit and risk committee charters, calendars and deliverables to demonstrate standards are met.  We have conducted enterprise-wide risk management assessments adapting insurance and operations to mitigate risks.

While this demonstrates our technical capabilities in supporting your Board, we know the real criteria is whether we will be a fit with your current Board to make a difference to your company.  We believe helping the brightest entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products navigate their financial strategy brings a unique perspective. 

Board Positions, Current & Past

Ashley Vukovits

  • Codelicious

  • Sharpen

  • Nextech, Board Member and Treasurer

Kay Whitaker

  • Elevate Ventures

  • PureForge, Inc.

  • Trinity Episcopal Trustees and Treasurer

Kathy Kinder

  • Boosterville, Inc.

  • AwayZones, Inc.

  • The Startup Ladies

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