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Our Friends

Our network includes trusted friends to assure you have the breadth of resources to move forward. We are proud to partner with these companies to provide additional accounting expertise that is tailored to your needs.


When our clients need help with day-to-day accounting operations, we gladly recommend the good team at Decimal.

Decimal is accounting operations for small business: bookkeeping, technology setup/support, bill pay, payroll, and more. So clients can get back to running the business.

Sixty8 Capital.png

Sixty8 Capital is shining a light on undercapitalized* founders and innovators in the flyover states to even the game, impact the world, and generate massive venture returns. It's past time - let's make a change. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana and powered by Allos Ventures.

*Founders with billion dollar ideas, but limited access to capital because of race, gender, sexual orientation, or proximity. 

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